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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stop the PC BS!

I've talked (and even blogged) about this in the past but this PC epidemic seems to be going worldwide!

PC, for those who don't know, means Politically Correct. Politically Correct is just a fancy way of saying "not offensive" which in theory is a good thing. You don't want to offend people or be offended. The problem is that people have become so hyper-sensitive that EVERYTHING is offensive to someone and the reactions are getting more and more unnecessary.

First on my griping block this week is the Dallas Cowboys. I've been a proud Cowboy fan since I was a kid and always will be but lately they've had me shaking my head worse then when Romo throws another interception. Nose tackle Josh Brent recently wrecked his car while driving drunk and caused the death of teammate Jerry Brown during the accident. I am very against drunk driving and believe that Josh deserves whatever sentence he gets handed (he was charged with intoxicated vehicular manslaughter and could face 20 years in prison).

My problem with this story is how the Cowboys office is reacting. Instead of using Josh as an example they are talking about treating the team like a bunch of toddlers instead. They are thinking about installing breathalyzers in player's vehicles to prevent future drunk driving incidents. WHAT? The rest of the team didn't drive drunk and kill somebody, why should they have to deal with the inconvenience?

My second story this week is about the radio DJs from Australia who prank called the hospital in England where Kate Middleton was staying during her pregnancy illness. These DJs, like many others, have been doing prank calls for years and managed to convince a nurse they were the Queen and Prince Harry and got the inside scoop on Kate's status. Nothing embarrassing or shocking by any means, just some basic info that she was doing better. Well the nurse ended up committing suicide and the assumption is that she was ashamed of being tricked. Instead of using this as a learning tool and training nurses how to better identify family members asking about a relative's status, the DJs were FIRED! WHAT? Someone overreacts to being part of a harmless prank and 2 people lose their jobs?

Please don't read this and think I'm some insensitive dick. I try daily not to offend people but in today's world, some people are just looking for something to be offended by. Some are just combative and want to find a reason to square off, some do it for the attention being offended gets you these days, and admittedly there are some people out there who get genuinely offended by things but they are usually the last ones you hear bitching about it.

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