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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas Recap

Hope everyone had a very Merry Xmas! If you have issue with the phrase "Merry Xmas", please refer to my last blog post :)

This year was the first year our family wasn't together for Xmas. My little brother got married earlier this year and he and his wife are in California and she is currently pregnant with my niece or nephew so they were unable to come home for the holidays. They were definitely missed but we still had a great time.

Me and my girlfriend headed down to my parents on Xmas Eve and spent the day relaxing, visiting a few family friends, and eating a delicious chili dinner. As with tradition, we opened our 1 present on Xmas Eve. Mine was a copy of Brian "Head" Welch's book from my parents which I was super excited to read. Girlfriend got a very cute hoodie and my parents got some badass new fishing rods & reels. Then it was off to bed so Santa could make his stop.

The next morning, as with every Xmas, I was wide awake before 8am and ready to go. We got up and once everyone's eyes were open we tore thru the wrapping paper like rabid badgers on a deer carcass. The highlights were the very awesome bear hood I got my girlfriend, my mom's new bracelet, dad's new creeper stool for the garage, and my deep fryer! I also ended up getting a copy of the same book my parents got me from my girlfriend which was fine by me, obviously I made it clear that I wanted that damn book!

We had planned for some friends of the family and my cousins to join us for dinner but everyone ended up sick so it turned into a very quiet day which was great. We Skyped with my brother and sister-in-law and I got to see her baby bump for the first time and a cool video tour of their new house. Then we packed it up and headed home to rest up for work the next day.

All in all it was a little strange not having my little bro around for Xmas but it turned out to be a great time as always!

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