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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis the Season To Be Greedy

This past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend which marks the beginning of the holiday season which marks a season of caring and sharing... or it used to at least.

This past Saturday I drove in one of the local holiday parades and was truly appalled at the way people acted. Some parades allow the participants to throw candy and others do not so we usually don't bring candy just to be safe. We had a few kids ask "Where's the candy?" but when we told them we didn't have any most would either go back to being kids or comment on how awesome our Van Moustache looked. The adults on the other hand were horrible. Multiple people basically begged for station gear and one man even told us "You guys can't come back next year" when we told him we didn't have any candy to throw out. Really? Go to the store and buy some candy if it's that important you greedy ass.

Then I got home and started seeing some of the images from Black Friday. Black Friday started as a big sale day and a kickoff to Christmas shopping. Now it's turned into a day where normal people can go out and act like selfish, greedy jerks in public. Here's a few pics that really sum up what Black Friday has become:

If this is how we act during the time of year when we're supposed to be at our most generous and caring, how can we expect anything else during the rest of the year? 

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