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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Costumes That Rock (And Roll)

It's still almost a month away but by now most everyone has started putting thought and maybe some preparation into a Halloween costume. Whether you're brainstorming ideas, growing your hair or beard, saving money, or building it yourself there's always some prep that must be done.

For ladies, most store bought Halloween costumes are slutty versions of various things:

For the guys, there's much more to choose from but they usually stick to something funny or embarassing:

But when it comes to kids, those were the days. Dressing up as your favorite action hero, princess, cartoon character, or one of the Halloween essentials like ghosts or witches:

But something I never considered over the years is how traditional costumes don't work for everyone. I saw an article today about Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs and they are freaking AWESOME! Things like the Flintstones car or Mario Kart or the Batmobile or even a DJ Booth can turn a wheelchair into a Halloween costume like none other. Check these out:

Every one of the parents or guardians or whoever took the time to create these costumes for these kids (and any others like them) should have a parade in their names!

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  1. Just saw one a few minutes ago where a dad turned his son's wheelchair into a bulldozer...AWESOME!