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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Different Type of School Shooting

School shootings have gone from rare, individual incidents to becoming a more recurring theme here in America. As sad as they are, this blog is about something completely different... a girl being shot JUST FOR WANTING TO GO TO SCHOOL!

Malala Yousafzai looks like a normal enough kid.

Malala grew up in Pakistan under Taliban rule and when she was 11, she started blogging for BBC Urdu describing her life under the Taliban. 

In Jan. 2009, she posted about how the Taliban had decreed that girls were no longer allowed to attend school and how afraid she was even though she kept going. They also banned shopping by women but Malala wasn't worried about new shoes, she wanted her education.

She began writing anonymously for fear of violence or even death from the Taliban and later in Jan. 2009 posted that her school had been closed. Her family fled the area until later that year when the Taliban had been driven back and began appearing publicly to push for female education. 

Malala is currently recovering after being shot in the head and neck earlier this week by a Taliban militant which has sparked a growing sense of concern in the Pakistani government about addressing the issue of female education and will hopefully one day mean Malala and other girls in Pakistan can get the education they deserve.

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