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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking the "Care" Out of Health Care

Before I even start this blog, this has NOTHING to do with the Affordable Care Act. If you're hear to gripe about Obama or whatever, please stop reading this and go away.

Our health care system in this country SUCKS! And this time I'm not talking about prices or insurance or any of those atrocities. I'm simply talking about the actual facilities and care (or lack thereof) that's being given to patients out there. Take for example, this story out of California I read this morning:

An assisted living community in Castro Valley, CA called Valley Manor Residential Care closed it's doors on Thursday, Oct. 24th after orders from the California Dept. of Social Services to "protect the health and safety of the clients in care." Sounds noble right? Well, any thoughts of good intentions disappear when you find out THEY LEFT FOURTEEN PEOPLE LOCKED IN THE FACILITY!

14 residents, several who were unable to leave their beds, were left after the staff walked out when they found out the place was closing and they would no longer be paid. Luckily, a cook, a janitor, and a caregiver were the only 3 out of the entire staff to stop and consider the residents and stayed behind WITHOUT PAY because they felt bad for the patients.

The patients were all removed and taken to other facilities and now police are searching for the owners and criminal charges are coming.

Sadly, this isn't an isolated incident. More and more health care facilities are being treated more like Fortune 500 companies and less like places to receive help. Budgets and bottom lines have replaced helping and healing.

Just remember next time you visit the doctor that your well being may not be their first priority... if it's a priority at all.

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