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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can You Really BUY Respect?

I'm not a big fan of the Huffington Post. Never have been. I see it as more of an opinion page than the "news source" many have treated it as over the years and articles like this are exactly why I don't put a lot into what they say.

The article is called "Nine Disliked Celebrities Who Deserve Another Chance" which honestly sounded pretty interesting. Was I wrong about some of these pretentious douches? Did they do great things to the benefit of mankind that outweigh whatever makes them unlikeable? Were they unfairly portrayed in the media?

Nope, they just have money.

Don't get me wrong, the donations and time spent supporting whatever charities they support is a great thing. The problem is, I can only assume after seeing people like Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber act like spoiled, selfish, conceited children that these acts of kindness are just for show. Yes Jay Leno took a pay cut so his staff wouldn't lose their jobs but that's only after he screwed Conan O'Brien and his staff out of jobs he gave them less than a year before.

There are others like Taylor Swift and Ashton Kutcher who are disliked, not for being a bad person, but for their respective performances who probably have the right intentions and things like this can totally sway my opinion of them. The ones who are just crappy people, however, can't just buy my respect.

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