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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Robots Are Taking Our Jobs!

Now I'm not the type to blame technology for taking away jobs from "us humans". I understand that some jobs are easier, more consistently done, and safer when done by robots. However, this just doesn't make sense to me...

WHAT THE HELL? I may be missing the point but I was under the assumption that the reason stores had people spinning signs out front was to not only draw attention to the store but to put a HUMAN FACE OUT FRONT!

Now before I go any further, I don't see these as necessary jobs. They are a way of advertising, which is necessary for a successful business, but I don't think it's vital to have a person holding the signs. I think the signs could be just as effective if they were just on a pole or even a moving pole like in the video above. The part I don't get is the mannequin. Do they think people are so stupid they won't realize it's not a real person?

My guess would be the REAL reason we started seeing people holding signs instead of more signs is local ordinances. They limit the number and size of signs you can display but I would guess those rules go out the window if you have a person stand there and hold the sign. Now, that logic has been quickly forgotten and the cost cutting has begun which apparently started with the sign holders.

This is an isolated incident but I'm expecting this trend will spread quickly. Maybe Skynet will get it's start in fast food like everyone else...

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