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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook For Good

It's not often that Facebook is used to do something good, let alone for a stranger but it does happen and it can be an amazing thing.

James McConnell of Southsea, Hampshire, England passed away last month at age 70. James was a veteran of the British Royal Marines but at his time of passing had no known family. His graveside service was setup by Social Services but due to lack of family no formal service was scheduled.

Bob Mason was the reverend scheduled to conduct the burial and felt a calling to do the right thing so he posted this on Facebook:

I am a clergyman in Southsea and I have been asked to conduct the Burial on 21st February for Mr McConnell who was in care at Bluebell Nursing Home, Southsea.
Sadly, Mr McConnell appears to have no family, and the ceremony (graveside only, no formal Service) is being arranged by Social Services.
The Nursing home that he was with have informed me that he was a Royal Marine but he was not at the Nursing home very long so other details are scarce.
The graveside service will be held at 09.30 on the 21st Feb at Milton Cemetery, 197 Milton Road, Portsmouth. PO4 8RS.
Ladies and Gentlemen, In this day and age it is tragic enough that anyone has to leave this world with no one to mourn their passing, but this man was family and I am sure you will agree deserves a better send off. If you can make it to the graveside for that time to pay your respects to a former brother in arms then please try to be there.
Further information can be obtained by ringing the Revd Bob Mason at the address and number below.
(Revd) Bob Mason

The post netted almost 400 likes and over 100 comments and a mind-blowing TWO HUNDRED PLUS PEOPLE were in attendance to wish James McConnell, a man they had never met nor knew nothing about other than the fact that he was a veteran, farewell.

It's things like this that give me hope for humanity as a whole.

RIP James McConnell

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