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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Come Together

Back in August of last year I ran across a story that blew me away. In the small African country of Togo, the people were tired of years of living under a dictatorship and the family that had control since 2005. Like any group of citizens, they fought back in the form of protests. One protest, however, really caught a lot of attention: the women refused to have sex until democracy was given a chance! There's no way to know how much the no sex protest affected things but within months not only did they hold their first election, but a woman won!

It really blows the mind to see how big of a change the "little people" can make when we unite to fight against a common evil. It got me thinking recently about how many problems we are having here in America and how quickly those problems could be fixed if we, the people, stood united against the decision makers and forced them to make the hard decisions and changes we need.

Then I heard of a group who are standing together against a common problem... and it made me angry, sad, and disappointed all at the same time:

Justin Bieber fans are CUTTING THEMSELVES to get him to quit smoking pot.

WHAT?? Let me get this straight, we have people starving in our streets, retired members of the armed forces struggling to survive, an economy circling the drain, and a nation more divided than it has been in decades and the one thing we unite to fight is some f***ing pop singer toking some reefer?

If this is seen as a cause worth fighting out of all the ones out there, it really terrifies me what the future holds for this nation and the people who call it home.

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