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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ECU = Embarassed by College Undergrads

In my 13 years of being a Pirate, I can now say I have officially felt EMBARRASSED to admit it.

Saturday was the first game of the 2013-14 ECU football season. Having a season opener at home is always exciting because you get to see the boys start the year at home and don't have to wait the extra week like we do with an away opener. And the Pirates put on quite a show starting the season with a big win against Old Dominion and our QB throwing for 5 TDs with ZERO interceptions!

But the troubles and shame happened before the first pass was thrown...

For years 99.5 The X has been the OFFICIAL tailgate station of the ECU Pirates. We've hosted our tailgate show in various places over the years but the past 4 we've been at the bottom of College Hill Dr. with the Student Pirate Club. We love getting crazy and a little rowdy before a football game too but this week was just shameful.

During our 2 hour broadcast we had one drunk chick grab our lunch off our table without asking then put it back after she got her hands all over it, a drunk guy leave his empty liquor bottles on our table... right in front of us... even though the recycling bin was literally 10 feet away, someone threw drink on the side of our van, and last but not least: a guy had to be carried away on a stretcher.

We've seen the EMT's have to attend to people over the years for heat exhaustion, dehydration, or a few bumps and bruises but never have I seen a full ambulance come in and carry someone out on a stretcher. Not only was he carried out but the poor guy was bleeding profusely from his HEAD! I was told it was from a fight which is even worse than if he fell while drunk. Drunken stupidity is bad enough but when we can't make it through 1 freaking tailgate party without a fight breaking out, that's bad.

I don't know what the solution is without making the tailgate fields so stiff and sober that nobody wants to be there unless the younger generation of Pirates pull their heads out of their collective asses and start to respect others around them.

I know that makes me sound old but honestly, if your first thought after reading that is that I'm old you're probably one of the d-bags I'm embarrassed to share my alma mater with.

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