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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freedom to Fap

Porn. Even in 2013 it's still somewhat of a social taboo even though a HUGE percentage of Americans watch regularly. It's one of those things that some people have no shame about whatsoever (I watch porn, what of it?) but others hide like a password to their bank account. Well, what if you had to let the government know you watch porn?

England is pushing for new laws that will REQUIRE people to tell their internet provider whether they watch porn. If they say "no", it will block ALL porn from their home. If they say "yes", you'll get full access to the wide world of porn. The logic they are using it that this will crack down on "the corroding influence of pornography on childhood"... which sounds like a good thing.

Really think about that though. They are making ALL citizens basically notify the world whether or not they watch porn. Regardless of whether they have kids. How does my watching porn affect any kid anywhere? IT DOESN'T!!

The other MAJOR problem with this line of thought is the fact that British people are giving their government more access to their private lives rather than cracking down on crappy parents. If a kid is watching porn underage, there is a parent to blame. NOT the internet. NOT the porn industry. NOT porn websites. If parents actually PARENTED and kept tabs on what their kids are doing online it wouldn't be a problem. Hell, most every browser has the option to block adult material or certain websites.

To me this all comes back to one simple opinion: If you're not mature enough to raise your children, STOP HAVING KIDS! If you do insist on having kids and not doing your job as a parent, accept your screwed up offspring as your fault and stop looking for someone or something else to blame.

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