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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Making Dreams Come True

Everybody has dreams. Some have big dreams like a career goal or being a celebrity. Others have smaller dreams like a new car or more time with their families. Well, what would you do if you had the chance to make someone else's dream come true?

A guy eating out on Sunday had that chance and ran with it. A waitress was chatting with one of her tables and told them about her family in Italy. She went on to tell them about how she'd never been to Italy to visit, even though she's had 8 years of art education and Florence, Italy (where her family is located) is one of the art capitals of the world! The bill was brought and after the table left, she found this:

The guy left a $999.58 tip so the woman could make the trip to Italy! Of course, this story is from the internet and there's no way to verify (the story only lists the restaurant as being in a "small town") but it's still a great story about a type of person we should all strive to be.

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