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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seeing Red Through Diamond Eyes

This past weekend was a perfect storm of awesome. Chevelle and Deftones had shows on the same weekend and it was 2 weeks before my girlfriend's birthday which sounded like a perfect present for both of us!

It started Friday with a trip to Myrtle Beach to see Chevelle. I've seen the boys several times but it's always great in a smaller venue like the House of Blues. We got there a little late but just in time to see Pete, Sam, and Dean hit the stage. The boys fired off a medley of new tracks, old classics, and even some album cuts I've never heard them perform live like Forfeit. This was just the beginning of a long weekend so after the show we hit the hotel and crashed almost immediately.

Saturday morning we decided to venture into Myrtle Beach and check out one of the Ripley's exhibits. After getting good and lost and asking for directions we found our way and decided to try the Ripley's Haunted Museum which was effing TERRIFYING! I won't spoil the fun but remember the phrase "We're going to play a little game" if you ever give it a try yourself.

After that we decided to check out WonderWorks (or the Upside Down House as I have been calling it). That place is AWESOME! All kinds of cool exhibits, toys, games, puzzles, and interactive displays. There are a lot of kid themed as well as adult friendly things to do. We spent a little over an hour there but could have spent a whole day if we tried.

Then to wrap up the fun, it was back to the House of Blues to rock with the Deftones! The boys brought it with one of the best shows I've ever seen from them but the real show was beside the stage. We were over in the right corner near the sidebar and saw all kinds of craziness. I watched a drunk chick try to climb the railing instead of working back thru the crowd and fall about 8 feet flat on her face on the floor. I saw a guy being drug away by 6 bouncers kicking and screaming. I watched the cops cart off a girl who looked about 12 who was piss drunk and kept knocking over other people's drinks. Needless to say, it was quite a night.

A solid night's sleep at the hotel, an omelet to fill up the tummy, and we were homeward bound. 3 days later and I'm still recovering but I can proudly say... I give good birthday!

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